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Cuban Mini Cigars

Global, legendary, and exclusive – the Cuban Mini Cigars brand delivers quality cuban cigars from world-renowned leading brands for an authentic, natural smoking experience.

With craftsmanship that coins a brand reputation that’s global, legendary, and exclusive, Cuban Mini Cigars delivers everything from cigars, mini cigars and cigarillos made of exquisite quality black tobacco grown to produce a 100% natural smoking experience. With its diverse product lines offering a range of depth of flavors and aromas, Cuban Mini Cigars’ signature product lines include Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Trinidad, Partagas and its series, and Guantanamera, running from mini size to its largest variety at cristales. With distinct levels of smoothness, strength, and scent, and leading brands like Cohiba that were established in 1966 following the cuban revolution and exclusively designated for visiting diplomats and Fidel Castro’s party members, Cuban Mini Cigar’s history and brand names unmistakably resonate with decades and even centuries of quality and prestigious production. Blend composition follows a specific formula for each brand. Cuban Mini Cigars’ manufacturing processes ensure the tobacco’s organoleptic characteristics are retained, while freezing tobacco for disinfestation maximizes tobacco purity. Shrink wrap packaging helps maintain moisture to deliver an exceptional product that stands the test of time for years.

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