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Roll with the legend with these quality smoking papers

Smokers want to experience their tobacco before they taste the paper it’s rolled in. Rizla has been creating quality rolling papers with a heritage dating back 200 years, delivering a unique smoking experience with quality materials and manufacturing since 1976. Roll with the Legend isn’t just a tagline for Rizla; it’s a branding message that sums up the essence of what smokers buying Rizla rolling papers covet – an authentic smoking experience.

Acclaimed as the world’s top-selling rolling paper, Rizla manufactures various types of rolling papers sold in over 120 countries, with recent years focusing on more unbleached, thin papers. Some recent advancements and adaptations of their product include more technically advanced papers and filters, with Rizla’s quality, precision, and reinventive edge dominating in markets like Italy, the UK, Greece, and Ireland.

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