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Colibri means a perfect smoking experience from lighting to inhaling, a ritual you can rely on

They coined the tagline a ritual you can rely on based on years of quality-assured smoking accessories and products that have sustained and retained a sound reputation in today’s competitive market – Colibri the international brand delivers everything from cigar cutters, lighters, leather cases, and more. For retailers, Colibri is known as a powerhouse brand for humidors.

Their brand and product innovation history date all the way back to 1928 when Julius Lowenthal invented the first working semi-automatic lighter, the Colibri original. Colibri is all about elevating the smoking experience for men, a brand designed to deliver a luxurious smoking experience with the finest accessories that accentuate every step of the decadent process. When a cigar smoker wants to take his step-by-step smoking journey to the next level – from cutting to tasting, smoking, and ashing, Colibri is a brand name that will always come to mind.

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