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The iconic design, reusable, round, and quality lighter

Blending the best quality manufacturing, fun designs that speak to every and any smoker, and a reliable reputation for being some of the best lighters around, Clipper lighters aren’t just another smoking accessory. With a collection of pocket lighters, lighter covers, metal lighters, and even household utility lighters, plus custom lighters you can create with logos, personalized designs, and more, Clipper is a name that’s taken the world by storm since 1959. 

Priding themselves for offering one of the safest lighters on the market, while also respecting mother nature, more than 90% of Clippers sold are made of reusable lighters. You can identify them from a mile away with their distinct cylindrical shape. Clippers deliver diverse functionality and their ability to be reused comes with features like refillable gas, a flint, and a spark wheel. Smokers often enjoy their one-of-a-kind packing tool for rolling tobacco. Clipper is a brand of lighters leading the crowds in its niche and will be for decades to come.

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