Devidas Group Story & Brand History


Devidas Group Story & Brand History

When Israeli vendors and retailers think of quality tobacco, accessories, and the finest cigars from diverse corners of the world, the importer and distributor of choice for over 50 years has been Devidas Group. And with good reason – or even a few.

Our history as experts in our field dates all the way back to 1957, when the family started trading tobacco grown in Israel, and was involved with the local production of cigarettes. Incorporated in 1974 with a reputation and track record to prove we are true leaders in the local Israeli tobacco import and distribution industry, our recipe for success starts with the people, from our team, and continues with knowing our customers.


How We Evolved with the Israeli Market

Prior to the government’s intervention and cessation of subsidized tobacco crops grown in Israel in the 1960s, Devidas Group was the main buyer of locally grown tobacco crops for Israeli giant Dubek, the largest local tobacco product manufacturer at the time. When the government mandate was implemented, Devidas Group began distributing Dubek’s products in northern Israel until the 1990s. Milestones, achievements and highlights decade to decade, progress and business developments are in our company timeline below, with facts supporting every step of our claim to fame.

Managed by professionals Moshe Devidas and his son Eyal for decades, their unique partnership brings two generations of the family business together for top notch leadership and incomparable customer service. Father and son deliver veteran business insights and knowledge, with the innovative touch of contemporary marketing, branding, and serviceability to the company’s vision and mission. With outstanding interpersonal skills that build lasting business relationships and trust, Devidas Group is the face of Israeli tobacco import and distribution and will be for decades to come.


Destined for Success for Decades to Come

Today, Devidas Group brings in top-selling brands of diverse tobacco products, accessories, and iconic brand names of cigars taking the lead in our product line and sales. Our decades of strategic growth, versatility, an ever-evolving business model, and brand transformation are a result of meeting market trends and demands head-on. 

In delivering and handling everything from domestic import, duty-free marketing, and the sale of a diverse collection of products, we are proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of our brands in the Israeli market. 

Company Timeline

Devidas family begins their journey in the tobacco niche. David Fargee, head of the family and founder of the company, becomes the biggest name in trading tobacco within Israel. Milestones and achievements include the sale of tobacco leaves and blends from local Israeli villages, in addition to consulting Dubek and other local tobacco manufacturers.
David Fargee’s daughter, Rivka, marries Moshe Devidas, an aspiring business mind and entrepreneur. Devidas becomes acquainted with Fargee’s family business and the tobacco niche under the guidance and mentorship of his father-in-law. At a certain point of time within the decade, the Israeli government bans the purchase and sale of tobacco from local Arabic villages, and Moshe Devidas begins working for Dubek, the largest local manufacturer of tobacco products.
Rothmans, the British cigarette brand, reaches out to Moshe Devidas to import and distribute their products in Israel. Devidas Group is incorporated and established in 1974, growing to become the leading Israeli importer and distributor of tobacco products. Headquarters and offices are set up at the Haifa ports. Their first official client for international import initiates with the British giant, Rothmans Cigarettes.
Devidas Group expands its operation of international import of tobacco and smoking accessories. Eyal Devidas, Moshe Devidas’ son, joins the management team, bringing with him additional brand names to the company’s portfolio.
Devidas group diversifies their portfolio of imported tobacco goods, products and accessories even further, taking their product line to the next level as the official Israeli importer of the finest cigars.
Company offices are revamped with an innovative touch, relocated to the industrial area of the luxurious city of Herzliya on HaMenofim Street, in central Israel. The Devidas retail store for cigars is opened in thriving and colorful Tel Aviv, Israel’s buzzing urban hub for commerce, where every day is an opportunity to celebrate freedom and liberal lifestyles.
2010'S TO DATE
To date, Devidas Group maintains its position as the Israeli leader of importing, distributing, and marketing tobacco products and accessories, prioritizing the provision of the best brands in the industry. The company strives to grow as the top runner in the local tobacco goods distribution market for years to come. With its strong leadership team, an unparalleled line-up of products, and a customer-centric business model in Israel’s competitive business landscape, Devidas Group is a name any local tobacco vendor or retailer knows and trusts.
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